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Current Music:Rugrats on TV
Subject:extended leave of absence
Time:09:19 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
We should all take a sabbatical.

In some place where you can go to the beach if you want every day but if you don't want to go there a nice big bookstore is available and all the books are free. And then there's also a heated pool with waterproof books. And there are a few flat-screen computers with LiveJournal clients but no AIM and absolutely NO Xanga access.

And fictional/historical people live there like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Robert Gould Shaw and Atticus Finch, as well as the entire Hextet (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna) and Sirius and Dumbledore (they're NOT dead!!!) Little siblings are allowed but don't live there permanently. Absolutely no guys are allowed besides those aforementioned in this paragraph.

And in every single room you enter, there's at least one parakeet.
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Current Music:beethoven triple
Subject:eat me
Time:03:37 pm
Current Mood:pensiveunsure
i heart my new cd

thanx for burning it for me

i heart my new baby bird

the mailman was stupid--he asked what was in the box and i said a new little bird and mom told him we got a new one cos one of ours died a few months ago, and he was like, "yeah, lose a bird, go out and buy a new one; lose a kid, go out and replace it." it was annoyingly stupid as much as it was perverted.

it's like, GO OUT and REPLACE THE KID... O_o

ryte, then.
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Current Music:silver and gold
Subject:lyke, wow
Time:10:13 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
i'm really not over him. i can't stand it. i really AM NOT OVER HIM!


you needed to know.
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Subject:If We Kiss...we die
Time:09:19 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative

I am now going to proceed to explain why I believe, with various examples from the book If We Kiss, why I think that the Charlie/George pairing was a) not built up to b) not "fathomed" and c) lame, and why possibly she and Kevin fathom each other BETTER.  I hope at least I succeed in the first aim.  You may think I'm like an H/Her: deaf to the sound of a loud, roaring canon*.  But this is what I think, for better or for worse.

To visit Rachel Vail, click here.  She does not, however, on this website, give adequate explanation for her writing of IWK.

*=not ALL H/Hers, mind


George laughed.  He was right behind me; I don't know for how long.

She doesn't notice him there.  You'd think if she thought ANYTHING of him, she'd notice SOMETHING.  She notices Tess and Jennifer when they're around.  If he's her friend even, she should notice.

I said, "You want to watch TV over the phone?"

He said, "Sure," so we did for a while.

"It's all so fleeting," I said, as the TV announcer promised to be right back after a short break.


"Yeah," George said.  "You're right.  It is all so fleeting."


"You know what I mean ?" I asked him.

"Not really," he answered.  "Fleeting?"

"Forget it."

This conversation shows two things.  1) that all they do is watch TV over the phone, which is lame and wastes money, and moreover is not exactly a friendly OR boyfriendly thing to do 2) George has no idea what she says when she says "it's all so fleeting".  And he fathoms her...how?

"No," I said.  "Not on the TV.  The weather."

"Well, yes," he said.  "Weather is definitely more fleeting than hamburgers.  But..."

"Never mind."  <snip>  "The weather report."

"The weather report is fleeting?" George asked.

"Yes," I said.  "It is."


"Don't you find that depressing?  And like, disconcerting?"

Pause.  "You're in a weird mood."

I dropped the paper.  "It's a metaphor for my life," I mumbled.

"The weather report?"


"The weather report is a metaphor for your life?"

Okay, so clearly George doesn't get what she's saying.  Even *I* get what she's saying, and I'm real while she's fictional.  We're obviously not compatible as friends or romantic interests (ha), but surely more than her/GEORGE.

"Charlie?" he yelled.  "I have a brother named Charlie.  You don't look anything like him."

"Thank you," I sputtered.

Charlie/Mr. McKinley, baby.

"Ew," Kevin and I both said at the same time.

They think alike!

"You think?"

"Not that often," I answered.

"Was that a burp?"

"No!" I alughed.  "It was a, just a, I don't know."

He nodded.

"A burp," I admitted falsely.  "A small burp."

He laughed.

"She seems very smart."

"Yeah.  She is."

Well, they get each other more in this convo than the Charlie/George convo above...you must admit.  He laughs at her jokes.  Their first two lines are sort of banter-ish.

"A lawn."

"A lawn?"

"Yeah.  Get it?"

"With a Beanie Baby left out on it?"

"A flamingo.  Get it?  Like, you know, when people put plastic flamingos on their lawns?"

"Who does?"

"Some people," I said.


He looked away, then asked, "You see the weather report today?"

"The what?" I asked.

An example of the two of them totally not getting each other.  Their conversations are inane and tedious, torture to plough through, not to mention they have no sexual tension.

"Yeah," Jennifer said.  "Want to find the bathroom?"


"For once I would so love," Kevin said, as the waitress put down his sizzling chicken fajitas, "some honesty.  Everyone always makes excuses and hides behind convenient little stories--why doesn't anybody just stand up and say this is what I want, or this is what I think?  Everybody is so..."

This is sort of a Kevin's-character thing.  Sure, this is a TAD hypocritical, considering Kevin is not honest about the various people he wishes to kiss.  But still.  Kevin is not a total jerk.  Just a kid who has been wronged.  ...Like Charlie.

I didn't know Kevin liked to draw.

This is a lame attempt to show that "Charlie knows nothing about Kevin."  Whatevs.  Like she would know if George liked to collect hummingbird statues.

"We call her Chuck," Kevin said.


"Short for Charlotte," I said.

They understand each other so well...*hearts*

"Oh yeah?" he asked, and plopped his straw into my cup too.

I started to open my motuh to protest the gall of that and germs (oh, whoa, his germs, again) but he was chugging all my soda so I started sipping as fast as I could.  We were so close our noses were practically touching.  We sucked my cup dry in about five seconds flat.

"Thanks," he whispered, his lips still around his straw.

"Uh-huh," I breathed.

You know what?  That's hott, so f*** George.

I'll finish this tomorrow b/c I am tired. ^.^

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Subject:a mourning entry
Time:09:04 pm
Current Mood:blahmourning
this is a mourning entry. (as stated above)

for the xanga that was shut down.

mourn for it, and hope that a new one is born.

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Current Music:Brahms Double Concerto
Time:09:24 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
Think this new layout is boring, you might.

But care, I do not. XD
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Subject:The Poopie Song
Time:08:56 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
I am very Poopie
You're very Poopie too
You call yourself a Poopie
But me I just say MOO

You know that I'm a Poopie
Though I deny it so
I'm really not a Poopie
I swear to you I'd know

If I'm constipated
It's none of your beeswax
But if you're constipated
Then your name must be Max

You really are a Poopie
I'll swear before a court
But I am not a Poopie
I'm really Voldemort

I swear I am not Poopie
D'you wanna feel my wrath?
I tell you I'm not Poopie
And I won't take a bath

I am not Poopie
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not
I am not Poopie
So go to hell and rot

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Current Music:fluteish stuff
Subject:An Entry Full of Venting about "If We Kiss"
Time:08:38 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
Why "If We Kiss" includes romantic views that simply clash terribly with my own:

1. the whole fathoming matters more than passion concept: OK, can you not fathom someone AND be passionate about them? I personally always thought that passion was important, too. Because if you JUST fathom someone, isn't that going to get boring, like going out with your best friend?

2. the whole guy-friend-becoming-more idea. TOTALLY overused. Okay? I mean, I must say, that idea is making me just want to strangle someone, I see it so much. ok? and i HATED george! there was NO characterization there, okay? he was just a random insert! (not like a bra insert, natch)

3. I LIKED Kevin, ok? I mean, yes, he was sort of a jerk at times...but *I* love a jerk okay? My jerk is better than Kevin...but I really don't entirely see why Kevin was so hated by everyone. I mean, he didn't do anything very bad. I can't even remember the remotely bad stuff he did. I could compare charlie/kevin to my own romantic situation more than charlie/george. and I personally don't think that means I have a sucky situation--I mean, I DO, but not b/c the guy sux or whatever. It's because I'm to chicken to go get the guy, that's why. and what if you don't have a guy best friend, huh? I don't. Does that mean I'll never find love? Well, I kind of HAVE found love, so WHATEVS. And don't get me wrong--I'm all for being friends first. But the whole guy-I've-known-for-awhile-that-suddenly-becomes-more-than-just-a-friend thing is just annoying. and it's not true for every romance. pfft.

I know I have no life. I just felt like writing that all down.

ah. life.
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Subject:Shi-chan's Ultimate List of Romantic Relationships in Literature
Time:11:50 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Shi-chan's Ultimate List of Romantic Relationships in Literature, Books with Good/Bad Romance, and Authors that Write Good Romance

Meg Cabot--The Princess Diaries--Mia/Michael
I must start with Meg since she's like the ultimate romance writer and always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Mia/Michael is a great well-rounded couple with an excellent getting-together scene, who have a good relationship that is still not without conflict. Their love is VERY well-developed and fun to read about! And the kissing is way good.

Meg Cabot--The Mediator--Suze/Jesse
Suze/Jesse is like the best couple ever. They take five somewhat excruciating (though still EXTREMELY good) books to get together, but it's totally awesome when they do. Jesse's a ghost and Suze is a mediator, so this isn't your typical relationship. But it's VERY well-developed and there is at least one excellent make-out scene in book six.
The Suze/Paulness is very intriguing too, a brilliant conflict and example of love vs. lust. W00t.

Ann Brashares--The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants--various couples
The romances are veeery good in da Sisterhood. (Whoops, that rhymed. Sorry.) There are two good examples of head-over-heels love (with contrasting turnouts--one good, one bad) and two of friend-love, and it is very balanced and coolio.
And the kissing is very good. Bee/Eric in book 3 ROXxors.

Jaclyn Moriarty--Feeling Sorry for Celia--various couples
Ooh, here we go. Jaclyn Moriarty really RULZ, and the romance in this book is good, but not top-notch. Liz/Saxon was a tad more well-developed than Liz/Jared, and the latter was the final couple, but whaddaya gonna do. At least she didn't fall in love with her best friend.
Celia/Saxon was an absolute riot.
Christina/Derek doesn't have much hold, especially knowing she goes right to Paul Wilson in TYOSA. And that leads us to...

Jaclyn Moriarty--The Year of Secret Assignments--Em/Charlie, Lyd/Seb
Mmyum, excellent romances in this one. Both are well-developed and nicely built up to, since you get to know the charas so well through letters. And the Lyd/Seb kissing on the beach is EXCELLENTE.
Also, the Cass/"Matthew Dunlop", as evilly stupid as it turned out, was interesting before we discovered MD's true nature.

Tui T. Sutherland--This Must Be Love--Hermia/Alex, Helena/Nick
Besides the fact that this book is one of the funniest things in the world and is an AWESOME modernized version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, it also has good romances. Hermia/Alex, while the old best-friends standby, is interesting and funny b/c of the way Hermia approaches it. And Helena/Dmitri is interesting though Dmitri is a toad, and while a LITTLE sudden, Helena/Nick is still good because it at least had proper buildup. Not that much kissing, but what there was is good.
Tui differed from Will by pairing Helena and Nick, while in the play Helena ends up with Demetrius, but this is okay because Dmitri is a jerk.

William Shakespeare--Much Ado About Nothing--Beatrice/Benedick, Hero/Claudio
One of the main things that makes this play so great is Beatrice/Benedick. The most firey, funny, excellent couple ever. And while you can't really see kissing when reading the play, when it's on stage the kissing is yum.
Hero/Claudio is bad because Claudio is a jerk, but what can you do. B/B more than makes up for it.

Cecille deL and Claire M--Dear Mr. Shifman--wait, there's really no romance in here. Unless you count Jillian/Nastus

Rachel Vail--If We Kiss--Charlie/Kevin, Charlie/George
Eek. Here we go. Romance was good for MOST of it...until the end. Charlie/Kevin was really well-developed and had some of the best a book could have. I am of the opinion that if circumstances had been different, they would have worked out, gotten to know each other, been happy--dude, you can passion and fathom at the same time! Meanwhile, George was not developed at all and Charlie/George was way too sudden, plus their kiss sucked. I could go on and on about the travesty of the romance in this book, but I will stop here.

Mariah Fredericks--The True Meaning of Cleavage--Sari/David, Jess/Danny (sort of)
Hmmm. Not really much DIRECT romance in this book. Sari/David was interesting but doomed from the beginning. I personally think Jess/David would have been VERY interesting, but also doomed. Jess/Danny was only hinted at, but is *okay*.

Mariah Fredericks--Head Games--Judith/Jonathan
Eee. The romance really shines in this one. There's a GREAT description of kissing, and the couple is intriguingly excellent. <3 Nice.

Louise Rennison--Georgia Nicolson series--Georgia/various people
This book is mostly intended to be humourous, and basically the romance is as well. Humourous, I mean. Not exactly the type to thrill your bones from within, but way funny.

J.K. Rowling--Harry Potter--Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, etc.
She chose all the right couples--'nuff said. Sadly no R/Hr snogging, and the H/G kiss could have been more descriptive, but heck, I forgive her. It was awesome anyway: several sunlit days...eee.

Jacqueline Wilson--GIRLS series--Ellie/Dan, Ellie/Russell
Neither of these romances particularly grabbed me. Some of the kissing was pretty good, though Russell was a little too into sex and Ellie wasn't, so they didn't get along the best. Still, the end of the books was sweet.

Iforgethername--The Key to the Golden Firebird--May/Pete
This was a really, really good example of falling-in-love-with-the-best-friend. If you're going to use that device, use it like this, man.
Good kissing. VERY good kissing. And well-developed. Yum.

Catherine Clark--The Alison Rules--Alison/Patrick, Laurie/Patrick
Now, I actually liked both these couples okay, and there was absolutely no problem in development--it was ex. But I DID think that it was a little...I don't know...crude? crass? who knows...for A/P to get together at LAURIE'S FREAKING FUNERAL. I mean, jeesh. That was just...I dunno.

Sue Limb--Jess Jordan books--Jess/Fred
Falling-in-love-with-your-best-friend, again. In the first book it's a LITTLE too sudden, but the book is so hilarious I'll forgive. It's much better in the second book, v. v. good. And I forget at the moment how much kissing there is, but if there is any, it's good.

Mark Peter Hughes--I Am the Wallpaper--Floey/Calvin
This was good; I really really admire Hughes for not falling into the best-friend trap. Floey was in love with her best friend, Wendell, but then he ended up with her (female) best friend, and she ended up with a guy she met at her sister's wedding. So yay. *applauds* Nice kiss, too.

Too many more to describe...I'll post another entry with the continuation. I'll finish with this:

Cecille and Claire--Miss You Already--Lina/Chetti, Mel/Jason, etc.
This is a very good book with very good romance and there hasn't really been much kissing so far but when there is it will be REALLY GOOD.
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Subject:no need to kill me, now
Time:10:37 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
i finished the book.

fantastic work of genius.

indeed, it was great. the fastest i've ever read a harry potter book, too.

i hope you're thankful, shi-chan.
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