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i Am YoUr BuDgErIgAr****~~~~&&&&

have you had your daily dosage of GLOMP?

The Lovers Of Atticus' Elves
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beauty is a crime

and so are we

a crime against nature



Very Mature Nine Year Olds


*ships Gagme/Bob Christ*
(erm, it has to do with Claire's pool and our teachers at school and Jesus changing his name...donotask.)
123, 42, 87, alysia in egoland, alysia/theo, angels, anne neville, assisted-living residences, atticus, babies, baby think it over, beatrice/benedick, bizet, books, calculators, cappuccinos, cats, celli, charlie/kevin, chocolate, chrissy, clare/tev, coffee, computers, cornelia/sextus, declensions, dementrix, devils, douglas adams, ecce romani, elves, emma thompson, england, eric lombardo, espresso, evil, flavia/marcus, flutes, foetal pigs, glory, hades, hand sanitizer, happiness, harry potter, henry drummond, high emotional iqs, hottness, howl, howl's moving castle, ian bai, inherit the wind, jedi masters, joel, juilliard, kendall, killing anakin, killing claudio, kneeling pads, lalala, latin, latin boards, lattes, licking, lincoln centre, love, lunatics, luncan, maan, madness, maniacs, marcus/sextus, masters, matt kim, mediators, meg cabot, mendelssohn violin concerto, middle skool, mitchell, mockingbirds, monk, mr. vb, msm, much ado about nothing, mushrooms, music, nastus, neal, nihon-go, o*l*i*v*e*s, obi-wan kenobi, olives, orchestra, osorio, padawans, parakeets, phycho, pizza, poopz punctuation, randomity, remy/fluffy, richard iii, riley, robert gould shaw, saint-saens, secrets, shakespeare, shifman, shirtlessness, slartibartfast, sox, spongebob, star wars, starbucks, suze/jesse, szeles, tampons, tevian sahara, the mediator, the princess diaries, throwing and catching, to kill a mockingbird, uhd, values and choices, violin, w00t, warts, wimbledon, woodwinds, writing, yo, yoda, zaphod beeblebrox, zboray