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[icon] i Am YoUr BuDgErIgAr****~~~~&&&&
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Time:09:49 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired

this poor thing is rotting away.....

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Time:10:10 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy

Who wants a numm numm?
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Time:09:32 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
as i said about my own lj:

the non-updating-ness? it's making this comm into a.....

*takes a deep breath*

*cues fancy words to pop up dramatically*


*skater doods tear their hair in horror* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but wait!

*skater dudes look up, a gleam of hope in their eyes*

that's not harsh enough!

*skater doods widen their eyes in terror*

this lj is really a.....

*new, fancier words display themselves even more dramatically than the others*



(man i hate that show)
*wipes brow*
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Time:07:25 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
*sings loudly*


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Time:08:47 pm







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Subject:in mourning
Time:09:05 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
For the Middle School:

We will miss you.

We'll miss Baldwin Hall and the 200 wing and the teachers and the students and everything that ever occurred in that wonderful place. The Middle School will always be my favourite place, with all of my favourite memories and my worst regrets and all of the friends I made and loved and the very best people and classes...Upper School is nothing compared to the Middle School. Nothing at all. The people are meaner. The classes are less fun (no offence teachers). The only good things are the dress code and the freedom and the Chrissy. And that, my friend, is sad. It's awful that we can't just have fun. That we no longer belong in the place that we love so, so much, with the people we care so much about and laugh with the most. If we could just stay there forever, I wouldn't mind. It would be better than this.

But as it is, we are in Upper School now. And because of that, we might never be truly happy.
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Time:10:22 pm
Current Mood:pensive???
mahlerlvr87000 [10:20 PM]: Does the Malfoy's pet blue wolf know more than she lets on?
Cflute91 [10:21 PM]: no she doesn't
Cflute91 [10:21 PM]: she's fairly stupid
mahlerlvr87000 [10:21 PM]: Draco sends Harry to the store for ice cream and carrots, but he doesn't come back the same.
Cflute91 [10:21 PM]: he turned into ice cream and carrots
mahlerlvr87000 [10:21 PM]: Draco sits in the hospital wing, playing with his tail and contemplating what to do next.
Cflute91 [10:21 PM]: ...
mahlerlvr87000 [10:22 PM]: Draco, Duncan or Harry... who would you choose to deflower you?
Cflute91 [10:22 PM]: Draco
Cflute91 [10:22 PM]: you?
mahlerlvr87000 [10:22 PM]: Draco, for no discernible reason, has decided to walk to San Francisco.
mahlerlvr87000 [10:22 PM]: harry
Cflute91 [10:22 PM]: ewww
mahlerlvr87000 [10:22 PM]: Five years after the final battle, Harry is the star cellist of the London Philharmonic.
mahlerlvr87000 [10:22 PM]: love that

sorry--we are too weird to not be documented.

mahlerlvr87000 [10:24 PM]: harry finds out that barney is telling all the little kids not to go to hogwarts if they get an invite. what is the big purple dinosaur hiding? who is it really?

harry goes to prostitute collage to train to become a pimp

mahlerlvr87000 [10:25 PM]: Harry is jealous of Ron and Hermione...Ron gets hurt...Krum is large...down there...New things are tryed, hmmm... Rated R for, well, sex, Story is disturbing, HP/RW please R&R! and im working on the description thing so don't comment on it
mahlerlvr87000 [10:25 PM]: Harry pushes Hermione's buttons and they end up on the floor.
Cflute91 [10:25 PM]: ermmm
mahlerlvr87000 [10:25 PM]: Harry, pregnant, dying, encounters one of his ancestors.

mahlerlvr87000 [10:25 PM]: He needed out. He needed air. He needed to bury himself so deeply in Hermione that no one would ever get him out again.

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Subject:OMB INCEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time:09:00 pm
Current Mood:weirdweird
I just thought that subject line would grab people's attention. XD

So, here is a quiz

If Tom Bo were to pour five tons of broccoli cheese soup on your head, what would you do?
a) sputter and say, "What was THAT for?"
b) hurl a bucket of chicken noodle at him
c) go insane and attack him
d) cry over the demise of your hair

If everyone in your family suddenly died, you would:
a) spend a long time crying
b) freak out and walk around everywhere, feeling like the world is ending
c) be depressed
d) be very sad but go on like nothing happened

If you met your idol, you would:
a) bite your nails and watch from afar
b) go up to them and shyly introduce yourself
c) tell them everything about yourself
d) shrug and tell yourself you don't need them

Your most likely future career is:
a) writer/musician
b) ditto
c) college professor
d) accountant

Your ideal pet is:
a) a parakeet
b) two parakeets, two cats
c) a hedgehog
d) a lemur

If you were a character from Harry Potter, you'd be:
a) Ginny Weasley
b) Hermione Granger
c) Ron Weasley
d) Draco Malfoy

If you answered mostly as, you are Claire, a quiet but loud girl who is whacked out on...something.
If you answered mostly bs, you are Shi-chan. Nuff said.
If you answered mostly cs, you are MEAS. You rox.
If you answered mostly ds, you are lardarze. EEEEEEW
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Current Music:Shostakovich Cello Sonata (<222)
Time:08:40 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
It is my belief that this journal needs to regain some coherency.

Also, Claire is not here yet. EVOLLL

Stefan: I’m twitching.
Me: I’m b……er, I’m itching.

Mom: It’s not a safety thing.

Claire sporked Garrick a long time ago.

Like, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. (I just wrote "romaned the earth". Right, Shi-chan.)

Claire is evil.

This wasn't coherent after all, was it?
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Time:08:43 pm
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[icon] i Am YoUr BuDgErIgAr****~~~~&&&&
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